Coed Varsity Powerlifting · Trojans Once Again Prove Their Strength

JV Girls Team – 3rd Place
Brooklyn Diller 1st
Angel Shaw 1st
Rose Meinke 2nd
Liberty Perry 3rd
Desiree Herrst 3rd
Lexi Armstrong 4th
Kylie Grafenauer 5th

Varsity Girls Team – 7th Place
Espn Shaw 2nd
Jade Moffatt 4th
Kendra Grafenauer 4th

JV Boys Team – 4th Place
Tristan Wiltse – 1st
Logan Eckhardt – 4th
Liam Whistler – 6th

Varsity Boys Team – 7th Place
Trevor Buffman 1st
Izaac Deyoung – 1st
Marvin Kline – 5th
Ethan Kelly – 5th
David Johnston – 5th

Congrats to our lifters, parents and Coach D for all their hard work and dedication. We are proud of you all today!